Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Last 3 Days of Fund Raising For UBUNTU Elections 2016 South Africa

Our crowd funding campaign ends in 3 days. So - If you resonate with our message of unity consciousness and injecting this seed of consciousness into the political beast, please do what you can to spread this contribution link as widely as you can so that we can raise as much as we can to make our campaign as effective and visible as we can. Click here to make a donation please:

My efforts will be restricted to the amount of funds we have raised. At this stage we have reduced our campaign to the 6 smallest municipalities in South Africa plus Emakhazeni - where the UBUNTU office is located. These are:

Ikwezi Local Municipality - Population: 10,537 - District: Cacadu

Kwasani Local Municipality - Population: 12,898 - District: Sisonke

Emakhazeni Local Municipality - Population: 47,216 - District: Nkangala

Mier Local Municipality - Population: 7,003 - District: Siyande
Kamiesberg Local Municipality - Population: 10,187 - District: Namakwa

Laingsburg Local Municipality - Population: 8,289 - District: Central Karoo
Prince Albert Local Municipality Western Cape Central Karoo 13,136

Keep spreading the word- even after the fund raising campaign ends - because that is when the election campaigning will begin. 

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger