Friday, 4 December 2015

NEW Series of FREE Online UBUNTU Seminars

Michael Tellinger will be starting a series of short online Seminars twice weekly Saturdays and Wednesdays - in which he will outline very specific topics and how these areas of our lives will change for the better in a moneyless UBUNTU society and improve our lives rapidly.

He will cover many topics like education, police, technology, elderly, minority rule, electricity, factories, mining, fuels, recycling, arts, sport, recreation, food production, farming, furniture, town planing, architecture, constructions, materials, religion, law, justice, etc. 
The intention is to discuss as many areas of our lives to see how easily and beautifully these will transform to benefit and support our lives in abundance. 
9pm South African Time - 10am Pacific Time.
These seminars are FREE for all to join online and contribute with ideas or suggestions where possible.
Click the link below to sing up for this Saturday.