Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Message From Michael Tellinger - 2016 Municipal Elections South Africa

Our campaign for the 12 smallest municipalities has begun.

REMEMBER - that one appointed UBUNTU mayor will have a much bigger impact on his community than ten elected members of parliament. The UBUNTU mayor can implement the UBUNTU plan of action immediately, launch the community projects and initiate the transformation of our town within days - based on the party manifesto. That is why this strategy is so important - we are about to change the future of our planet for the greater good of every living breathing human being - and it starts with ONE SMALL TOWN.

Please choose from the following monthly amounts you can afford

 For those who prefer a direct bank deposit please use the following account. 

UBUNTU PLANET NPC ( Non Profit Company)
Registration number: 2014/158534/08 
First National Bank- Hyde Park Johannesburg
Account Number 62545939003
Branch code: 254005