Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I have been holding off on sending out this final update in the hope that the generator will appear in South Africa. But the latest news is that after paying the $10,000 deposit several months ago, for the delivery of the 2 x 300 kilowatt generators from Germany, to our town in South Africa, the generators have not been delivered to us.

I have exhausted all communication with the inventor, Mike Brady, who claims that the machines have arrived in South Africa, but are stuck somewhere in a warehouse, not being released to him, because he owes the shipping company another $20,000 or some.

I am not sure at this stage if we have been conned or if this is really the case but I am no longer willing to play that game with him and requested a full refund of the deposit. He agreed to refund the money to us which I await patiently. There was always the slight risk of this happening, and that is why I insisted on a small deposit for delivery at first, before we paid the $120,000 for the full device, only after it had been delivered and tested.

I am deeply disappointed, mostly in myself and my lack of judgement, because over the past several years I have had the pleasure of meeting many great scientists and inventors from all over the world with all kinds of energy devices that truly boggle the mind and inspired me in many ways. Free-energy is all round us, but it is always the lack of funds or greed that prevents us from building or distributing such devices.

I had two long meetings with Mike Brady, in the face of some bad publicity that he has had on the Internet, and I questioned him extensively accompanied by my close and trusted friend David, who is a PhD mechanical and electrical engineer, to satisfy ourselves that this technology was in fact real and not just a great story. We were shown a lot of compelling evidence and information that gave me the confidence to proceed. I was desperate to use this case as an example for the rest of the world to be able to follow.

The free-energy or alternative energy arena is one of the most exciting, but also one of the most turbulent areas of research at this stage of our evolution. It is filed with two kinds of inventors:
  1. Those that want to give their inventions and technology to the world for free, knowing that they will get immeasurable reward from their generosity – however, these people are mostly the ones that are always short of funds and are scratching together a few dollars to build their devices in private workshops.
  2. Those that have funding and have decent laboratories and production facilities – but in most of these cases the inventors are bound by contracts to the funders and the lodging of patents holds up the process for years. Inventors are fearful of losing their invention and not being able to survive off their hard work if they simply give it to the world. My personal experience is that everyone who has ever lodged a patent for an energy device, such device has never been seen in public after the patent application, and the inventor never makes any money from all the hard work in any case. 
The UBUNTU movement has therefore developed a very different strategy to help inventors get their devices out to the people, while protecting themselves and still making money while we are trapped in the capitalist system.
As disappointing as this process has been, it is by no means a dead end and it will not stop us in our quest to free ourselves from the system that has enslaved us. There are many inventors that we are in communication with and many amazing technologies that will become part of our journey as it unfolds.

The UBUNTU Party continues with our campaign for the 2016 local Municipal Elections in South Africa – where we are more that confident that we will win a majority vote in at least one small town. This will allow us to implement our own free-energy device for the people of the town that will become the foundation to unite the people and set up the many community projects that will start delivering abundance in all areas of our activity.

Our main election promise to the people is FREE ELECTRICITY for all, and we are mainly focusing on an advanced form of Hydro Turbine Technology which is tried and tested technology that everyone can understand. No fancy devices or exotic technology.

To all those who made a contribution towards the delivery of the generator, I am happy to refund you once Mike Brady has repaid the deposit, or simply use the funds towards the elections when we will acquire the turbines for the rivers to generate a continuous stream of electricity for the town and initiate the first model of the UBUNTU Contributionism plan that others can emulate.

Please follow our election plan of action on the UBUNTU Party website – I posted a simple 24-point plan for all to see and digest.
In love and unity 
Michael Tellinger