Wednesday, 22 July 2015

UBUNTU Launches New Banner Designs For 2016 Elections

There was great excitement at the UBUNTU office in Waterval Boven today, when the first set of banners and visual displays for the 2016 elections were delivered. Our objective is to win at least one municipality in the South African Municipal Elections in 2016.

We will identify the 22 smallest municipalities and go to work there to spread our message of hope to the people and our simple plan of action to turn our small towns into places of unity and abundance for its people. FREE ELECTRICITY and a wide variety of Community Projects.
Joseph Zulu and Michael Tellinger

One town is all we need. A victory in one small town will create the domino effect that will cause all others to follow once they see the rapid transformation of our community. Our main drive is in the four towns that make up the EMAKHAZENI municipality, which consists of Waterval Boven, Machadodorp, Belfast and Dullstroom, which just happens to be one of the most corrupt municipalities in South Africa. OUR TOWNS BELONG TO THE PEOPLE - NOT TO THE MAYOR OR THE MUNICIPALITY - WHO ARE THE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE.

We will be posting a fully detailed budget for these elections as we start our fund raising campaign. We cannot do this without your support. So please make a donation towards our election campaign.  
We will be posting a full breakdown of the election costs in the days to come. This is a critical election where we can show that the very small can be very powerful. This way we can start taking back our country one town at a time, from the corrupt government and criminal activities of the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK.
In love & unity
Michael Tellinger