Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Lawyer Required by UBUNTU to Assist Tribal Chiefs to Protect Their Land

South African Tribal Lands Under Threat

The UBUNTU movement has been in talks with numerous Southern African tribal leaders and chiefs. Many of them are keen to implement the UBUNTU plan of action in their tribal lands - BUT many of them are experiencing problems with government agencies and private rogue individuals, attempting to steal the tribal lands in various underhanded ways. UBUNTU would like to assist some of these tribal chiefs to protect their lands and assure that any future land grabs by government and others do not succeed. We have one URGENT situation that I became aware of this weekend and I was asked by the Chief and his Headman to do what I can to assist.

We are calling on UBUNTU members and supporters who are lawyers to step up and help us in this process. It will require a good knowledge of the following:
  • South African Land Act and all the laws associated with it
  • All tribal land laws
  • Municipal laws regarding the Municipal Election 2016
Please contact me ONLY if you know that you can help and that you have the knowledge and desire to do what is right for the people of South Africa. Please do not contact us if you think you can help. Email me at contact@ubuntuparty.org.za
Remuneration will be discussed once we have made contact.
In love and Unity
Michael Tellinger