Friday, 15 May 2015

Overwhelming Support From Community For UBUNTU Projects

Successful Petitions & Launch of the 2016  Municipal Election Campaign

Six months ago we started going door-to-door in Waterval Boven, gathering support for the many community projects we have planned under the UBUNTU plan of action. The 24 projects on our list range from recycling to fish farming. The signature gathering was managed mainly by Michael Maseko (Zwane), my young partner since the launch of the UBUNTU Party in 2010, and various other young volunteers. 

I was convinced that we would touch many people - but I did not expect such an outburst of support.
Today, we have around 3500 signed petitions, in a community with around 3500 registered voters. This gives us a tremendous tool for leverage with the mayor and his municipality. We will keep the petitions until they become necessary to use.

Michael Maseko and Michael Tellinger holding some of the 3500 petitions regarding UBUNTU community development projects in Waterval Boven, South Africa.

For now, we are preparing for the long campaign to win the majority in our municipal area of 4 towns during the 2016 municipal elections. All of the UBUNTU candidates are ex members of either the ANC ruling party or the opposition DA party, who have realised that their parties have been lying to them and using them as instruments to deceive the people.

There is a very strong upbeat mood among our new team in the belief that UBUNTU is going to win the majority votes.  I will be announcing the team members and candidates in the near future.  This has now become my main focus in the political arena - to win our area and become the first domino to fall, first in South Africa, and then the rest of the world.

All we need is one small town to show the way and implement the principles of Contributionism. It will become impossible for capitalism to continue functioning in the proximity of our contributionist activities. In any case, capitalism is already showing vital signs of collapsing.
UBUNTU Contributionism in one small town can bring the rapid end to capitalism and corporate control of our people and our countries and replace it with abundance for all and complete freedom and a return of human sovereignty everywhere. If this sounds like a dream to some, I suggest they learn to become dreamers - because I am not the only one. 

In love & unity
Michael Tellinger