Thursday, 7 May 2015

A message to the amazing UBUNTU Party UK team from Michael Tellinger

UK Elections 7 May 2015

Dear Paul, Mark, Rob, Alan and Mohamed, and all others involved in the UBUNTU Party UK.
I need to congratulate you on all the effort and passion you put into this campaign and the amazing energy you created in the UK with so few resources and virtually no funding. I wish you all the success you deserve today.
As small as it may feel to you - it is NOT insignificant.
This is the beginning of the journey of a thousand miles - you have not only taken the first few critical steps, but what you have accomplished will be remembered forever.
You have planted the seeds for a New Age of Higher Consciousness in the UK and inspired many others with your actions.
You are true pioneers of unity consciousness and you will be remembered as such. Allow yourselves to be proud of your efforts and resonate this spirit to everyone.
It is not about winning the elections or getting a seat in parliament - it is about merely your presence in the elections that will create the ripple-effect and cause many to wake up and follow your lead.
This journey is not for the fain-hearted. I know this from the past 10 years of walking this path myself.
Stay strong and committed to this resonance in your hearts - and remember that while some may call you dreamers - you are not the only ones.
Millions of people in more than 215 countries are already following their hearts resonating with this love for all of humanity as you did.
I honour you and respect you all.

In love & unity
Michael Tellinger