Thursday, 9 April 2015

UBUNTU Hits Mainstream TV in Macedonia

Michael Tellinger with Milenko Nedelkovski - LATE NIGHT SHOW - Skopje, Macedonia

I had the great pleasure of being a guest on Macedonian TV with Milenko Nedelkovski on Friday 3 April 2015. The UBUNTU message is now alive and well in this ancient land filled with amazing history and the spirit of Alexander the Great. I also had the privilege of giving a lecture at the University in Skopje - before flying out back to South Africa. I invite the enlightened people of Macedonia to join the UBUNTU movement and spread this unity consciousness message to every corner of your beautiful country. UBUNTU will be a strong defence against the menacing threats of NATO and USA interference in Macedonian politics and the possible destabilizing tactics threatening this land.

A great big thanks to philosophy professor Toni Naunovski at the Skopje University Macedonia, who invited me to do a presentation on ancient civilisations and UBUNTU to one of his classes before I flew back to Johannesburg. I hope that the spirit of UBUNTU was planted in some of those present. In love and unity - Michael Tellinger

Prof Toni Naunovski with Michael Tellinger in the centre at the University in Skopje Macedonia.