Thursday, 9 April 2015

UBUNTU Candidates Begin to Flex Their Muscle For 2016 Local Elections

Bongani Matsengwane and Joseph Zulu, the two first candidates for the UBUNTU party Local Municipal Election 2016. They will be contesting Waterval Boven and Machadodorp respectively. Joseph won the majority vote for the DA Party in Machadodorp in the 2015 National Election against the ANC. He is more than confident that he will win this time for UBUNTU.

UBUNTU is experiencing a rapid and unexpected influx of disgruntled ANC and DA candidates and members who are all unhappy with the corruption and lies of the regime. UBUNTU seems to be attracting the hearts and minds of the people without much effort - as the truth resonates throughout our land with a real promise of an abundant future. We are in the final phase of appointing the extra 2 candidates for Belfast and Dullstroom - which are the other 2 towns of the EMAKHAZENI Local Municipality. 

We are more than confident that we will win this election for UBUNTU and start the domino effect from these towns - the original home of the UBUNTU Party in South Africa.

I hope to do a whirlwind tour of at least 12 South African Cities in May to plant the UBUNTU seeds amongh the prospective candidates as widely as possible. All it will take is for UBUNTU to win one municipality - this will be the begining of the domino effect across South Africa as all small towns will want to emulate the unity and abundance UBUNTU will bring into the community. 
In Love and UnityMichael Tellinger.
Bongani, Michael and Joseph