Wednesday, 18 March 2015

UBUNTU Party UK Launches Its First Candidate on BBC 3 TV

If you were watching BBC3’s Free Speech programme on Thursday (12 March) you would have seen Sutton Coldfield’s Mark Sleigh announced his intention to stand for Parliament against Andrew Mitchell in the forthcoming General Election.

Mark Sleigh has become the first UBUNTU Party UK candidate to make waves on the mainstream media and impresses people of the UK with UBUNTU's simple philosophy for a new social structure.
Full story here:

If you resonate with the UBUNTU message, join us and become a candidate for your constituency - be a seed of consciousness in your area now, when it really matters. Fill in the candidates form on our website so that you are on our database: and then email Paul Toussaint, UBUNTU Party UK Leader at to make contact with him and share your details. You will need to fill in the necessary Electoral Commission forms and pay 500 pounds to register. We may be able to help with the registration fees if we can raise some more funds.
We especially urge the people in smaller constituencies with smaller numbers of voters to take this opportunity. It is a lot easier to reach all the people in a small town than in a city or even a city suburb. You may just surprise everyone and end up in parliament.