Sunday, 22 February 2015

All The Alternative NEWS on ONE Page

Alternative News Project (ANP) by Duncan Roads, of Nexus Magazine

I have had the pleasure of meeting Duncan Roads on a few occasions and spend good quality time with him, especially at the NEXUS Magazine conference at the Gold Coast in Australia in 2014. I resonate strongly with his integrity and journalistic honesty and warm open heart. 

I therefore want to bring to your attention a very exciting new initiative which is already creating a buzz amongst independent and alternative news circles. I refer to the Alternative News Project (ANP), created by Duncan Roads, of Nexus Magazine.
The ANP takes all the existing alternative and independent news off the net each day, plus more - and puts it into one huge, sorted news feed, which can be personalised for both Topics and countries/states.  
He has developed free apps for both Android and Apple, which means you can see your newsfeed on your phones and devices.
The ANP can be used for Free, or you can pay $4.95 Aussie dollars per month and get lots of cool extra features.  If you visit the site soon, you can take up the half-price offer.
Duncan has created a separate non-profit foundation to own and manage the ANP, so it is entirely separate from Nexus Magazine.
I urge you to visit their website and look around.  Duncan is donating $1 per month back to to us for everyone who signs up as a paying user, so if you are a friend of UBUNTU be sure to click on the link below when visiting the ANP site and you will be helping us without even knowing it:

In love & unity
Michael Tellinger