Friday, 16 January 2015

UBUNTU Boxing Academy Starts to Take Shape

Boxing, martial arts and other contact sports have always played a major role in our community. But sadly, just like all other public facilities these have been neglected and funding has been misappropriated or simply vanishes. 

The Waterval Boven boxing community was once a very strong pool of talent, that has been completely forgotten. Several of our boxers travelled the world, from Russia to Australia and the USA. All of them were simply abandoned and many have become homeless. This is what we are redressing as a matter of urgency with the UBUNTU Community Projects.

Such sporting activities play a critical part in helping underprivileged communities to keep teens off the streets and teache them many things while creating a spiritual connection to their physical abilities. It is very successfully used to eliminate conflict, anger, frustration and other social problems and allows the youth to focus their frustration into something constructive. 

We have begun to rehabilitate one of the vandalised halls that once belonged to the fish farm, which will become the UBUNTU Boxing and Martial Arts Academy. It is huge hall that can accommodate several activities at one time and also several hundred spectators once a month to enjoy the activity and competitions. The excitement is almost audible and many young aspiring athletes are joining us in cleaning and fixing the hall so that we can erect the permanent boxing ring and start using it as a permanent gymnasium. More updates will follow.

The left-over plumbing shows how that there was once water in the hall - we need to trace the pipes and find a new source of water for the hall - showers and toilets will have to be built.

Once again we will require help in funding this - so if you can make a contribution - please do so. Make a small donation or become a regular monthly donor - just click this link and choose what you can afford.

In unity - Michael Tellinger