Friday, 2 January 2015

How to join the Ubuntu Movement

To help our members join the UBUNTU Movement I thought I would put this quick article together in order to assist you in getting involved and to start your journey to make a profound difference in the world today.

  1. Ordinary members: If you simply want to join the UBUNTU Movement, wherever you may be in the world - Click on this link and fill in the form.
  2. More Active Members: If you want to become more active as a coordinator or representative or a candidate - or even start an UBUNTU Party in your country - OR if you have already been active in some way on Face Book or the internet with UBUNTU - Please click on this link to fill in the form.  
By doing this we will be able to contact you directly and communicate with you and link you to other UBUNTU members or representatives in your area and around the world. We will only link registered members to each other to prevent intimidation and exploitation - if any such behaviour occurs, members will be disconnected. 

This has become necessary because of the sudden rise in rogue individuals, websites and FB pages that claim to represent our movement but have begun to undermine our activity in various ways. This UBUNTU membership and database is important to our future stability and unity. It will also allow us to connect UBUNTU members to each other in their communities, states and countries and allow us to list all approved affiliates, coordinators, representatives, FB pages, websites, and others on our NEW official UBUNTU Planet website  This is the only way in which we can separate the detractors from true affiliates very quickly and allow people to see who is truly affiliated to the original UBUNTU Movement.


The GLOBAL CONTACT page will become live on our new website in the near future and will only be visible to active members for the purposes of collaboration and networking. This page will contain an additional form members to voluntarily join the GLOBAL CONTACT list. If you do not fill in that additional Members Contact Sharing Form, your details will not be shared with anyone. If you do choose to fill it in, only your name, email address, country and city will appear on the contact form for others to see, together with any websites or FB pages you may be managing that are connected to UBUNTU. No other personal details will be given to anyone under any circumstances. We will leave that up to the individuals to share with each other in their own time. ​Only registered members on our website will have access to the names and emails of other members. The access to contact details of other members will be strictly controlled and any members who abuse this privilege will be removed from the database.

UBUNTU LOGO Rights and Permissions
The UBUNTU LOGO and any adaptations thereof, carries international Copyright Protection that belongs to Michael Tellinger and the original UBUNTU Movement and UBUNTU Party in South Africa. The logo may only be used by approved affiliates who are not diluting, changing or manipulating the UBUNTU Contributionism message and philosophy. Such approval will come from Michael Tellinger at the UBUNTU Head office in South Africa. Unless your name, or FB link, or online link appears on our website - you will not be recognized as an approved affiliate and you will not be allowed to use our name and logo in any way. So please act now.
The UBUNTU LOGO may not be used by anyone, in any form or on any merchandise or goods for sale without the prior and explicit permission from the UBUNTU Head Office in South Africa - for the same reasons as listed above and further exploitation of our name and logo for bogus fundraising activities.

Political Platform
A political platform is a very important component of the UBUNTU Movement that some people still do not quite understand. It is our main form of protection in the area of FREE SPEECH. If you want to start an UBUNTU political Party in your country - please contact me directly via email. There are critical issues that need to be covered in those areas.

Thank you for being part of the fastest growing global movement of Unity Consciousness - the future is now in our hands - we are the 99.99%

In love, light and unity - Michael Tellinger