Sunday, 4 January 2015

Prophets & Presidents

How many more enlightened leaders and prophets will it take for the critical mass to awaken among the global population? Based on the rapid and unexpected growth in the UBUNTU movement, I do believe that we are getting very close. Watch the UK elections on 7 May 2015 - It may present an unexpected surprise from the UBUNTU Party. 

Inform yourself and tell others - there is only one choice if we want to survive as a deeply divided species. Our survival is based on cooperation and unity - not competition - on knowing who we are and why we are in this mess - how we ended up in this mess - struggling to survive from month to month with no end in sight. UBUNTU Contributionism present us all with a simple and effective way out of this trap, which was cunningly woven for us by the invisible global elite.

Join the UBUNTU Party and tell everyone you know. To start this journey of liberation, let us replace the privately owned Bank of England, with a PEOPLE'S BANK that issues money for the people by the people - tax-free and interest-free. No inflation, no more debt traps - as we march towards the total freedom from money enslavement, into a society that creates abundance through cooperation rather than creating scarcity through competition and the control humanity with money.
VOTE UBUNTU Party UK on 7 May 2015