Friday, 16 January 2015

Mainstream Media Reports on UBUNTU Community Projects

Mainstream Media in South Africa Praises the UBUNTU Movement and Ubuntu Party for its contribution and uniting the people in our Community Projects - Compares our activity to a fairytale story. Well done to the Lowvelder Newspaper for sharing our exciting story with the people of our province. Unfortunately for our international members this article is in Afrikaans. So share it in Holland and Belgium. Below is a translation from one of our UBUNTU members - Ingrid Raath - Thanks you so much Ingrid.

Love and unity - Michael Tellinger

UBUNTU Article in ENGLISH - Lowvelder News - Nelspruit South Africa

Hope for a picturesque little town
Johanri Coetzee | 16 January 2015 08:15
 Very little remains where once steam locomotives  ran and the hearts of many happy families beated in railway houses.  The picturesque small town Waterval Boven sadly came to an end. Strawberry farms have been demolished and the town hall became a home for vandalists; a R20million (US1.7million) fish farm which came to a stand still and probably will soon be demolished to make way for a shopping centre, is evidence of this.  This is the picture that Michael Tellinger, scientist, researcher and founder of the Ubuntu Party, gives of this small town of the past seven years.
You can’t help thinking of the mini-series, Hopeville, that was made in this small town four years ago and which recently was screened again on TV, it’s ironic you would think.
In the TV-series, Hopeville is ruled by corruption, and the decline of morality is at the order of the day. Themba Ndaba who is acting the roll of Amos Manyoni, finds himself in Hopeville, and hopes to carve out a new life for himself and his estranged son by fixing up the town’s swimming pool, and through that also offer something the community can enjoy. Time and again Amos is confronted by opposing municipal officials and residents, but in the end his patience and determination rewards him more than money could buy.
Today, four years later, it appears as if it wasn’t coincidental that Hopeville was filmed in this small town, and it’s almost as if this Ubuntu movement operated by Tellinger, turned the story of Amos into reality. In stead of the swimming pool it was the Ubuntu Community Hall, and just like in the TV series, Tellinger can testify of a municipality which do not heed to the requests of the residents.
“On 2 October I sent a letter to the Mayor in which we begged for support, but untill today we have not had a reply”
But this did not demotivate Tellinger and the youth of Waterval Boven. “We recently submitted 23 community projects and we should officially inauguarate the Community Hall, where all our projects would be operated from.” These are the Ubuntu principles that will be operated from within Waterval Boven”, explained Tellinger. “Ubuntu is based on contributionism – the opposite of capitalism. It is the social structure in which communities live together in unity to provide for each other by using their God-given talents to contribute, to ensure that everybody will benefit.”
According to Tellinger, the 23 projects which include amongst other things a community kitchen, bakery, music school and the upgrading of the hospital, identified the basic needs that the community needs to generate abundance.  “The philosophy is that each person will contribute three hours per week of their time to get involved in any of the projects and share in the ‘abundance’ that was generated through it.
Tellinger was in 2014 already in 10 countries to present this concept to the world, and he says he was astonished by the overwhelming reaction he received. “Waterval Boven is the first town in the world where the Ubuntu principles are implemented and we already have members all over the world”
After months of implementing the UBUNTU-concept in this small town, it seems as if Waterval Boven’s heart slowly but surely starts to beat again, and you wonder about the Hopevill finalĂ©.
Photo left : Waterval Boven slowly died in silence Photo top right’ There is a possibility that the fish farm may be demolished to make space for a shopping centre. Bottom right: Trashed strawberry farm