Sunday, 11 January 2015

Final Work On The Community Hall Before We Open For Musical Action

We have been working frantically for the past 4 weeks to get the hall ready for musical performances. We still have to install stage lights; toilet, basin and lights the dressing rooms - install the small PA system - organise the team of people who will be helping out at the door, security, kitchen, exits, ushers, stage hands, sound, lights, and more.
But the excitement is evident amongst the people on the street and the volunteers working on the community projects. 6 months of work is finally going to deliver some really visible results.

The new sign in front of the hall displays the activity for the week

Some final wood work to strengthen the doors

Out medieval door locking mechanism - since we have no money to fix or replace the doors

Everyone that comes through the doors to see what we are doing, signs the UBUNTU community projects petition - we aim at getting 2000 in total. That will be at least 50% of the local voting population

Finally we gain some feminine power in Altar - who helped us clean the hall, make polish for the wooden floors, and now takes on part of the community kitchen responsibilities

I was lucky again yesterday to sample the delicious food at the community kitchen at the hall - between juggling many balls regarding the launch of the hall and other community projects - including support for UBUNTU in the UK elections.

Michael Zwane prepares the new PA and speaker system to be installed

Our surround sound system is installed and we finally have sound in the hall for movies and more.

Excited residents scan the poster for the opening weekend with great enthusiasm

Posters have been distributed all over our town

Now it is up to us and the team to make the opening event a great success as an example of more events to come every week and every month.
In unity  -  Michael Tellinger