Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Calling For UBUNTU Party UK Candidates - Elections 7 May 2015

If you are ready and able to stand as a Candidate for the UBUNTU Party UK in your constituency please click on this link and fill in the form.  http://journeys.ubuntuplanet.org/bf.php?fid=3573
Even if you have filled in other forms before - this is purely for CANDIDATES only.

We aim at getting more that 100 candidates in the UK and presenting a strong united front with real solutions, by addressing the root of our problems and socio-economic woes.
You will be required to familiarise yourself with the simple UBUNTU philosophy and the 7-step plan of action as part of our elections manifesto.

The rest is simple - we speak from the heart; we tell the truth; we honour and respect everyone; we share information and educate people about the causes of our misery; and we understand that we do not have all the answers, but that all the answers will come from the communities themselves and the people of the UK as we re-write our laws and our economic policies for the people, by the people - to serve the people and not serve the corporations.

  1. Restructure the entire banking system to serve the people, and not enslave the people.
  2. Establish a PEOPLE’S BANK that creates money for the people by the people, tax-free and interest-free, with the potential to provide 100% employment and stop the financial enslavement.The PEOPLE'S BANK
  3. Let our scientists and inventors deliver a renewable source of Free Energy for everyone in the UK.
  4. Support our traditional healers and research scientists in finding alternative cures for all diseases and prevent the drug cartels from hiding such cures from the people.
  5. Support our farmers at every level to grow organic food; ban all GMO seeds and giants like Monsanto; plant food gardens across the nation so that no person in the UK ever goes hungry again.
  6. Decentralise the government so that people can govern themselves in their own communities – taking care of their own needs immediately, supported by the new People’s Bank.
  7. Restructure the judiciary and the legal system, to be written by the people for the people, unlike the unjust legal system we face in our courts today, which holds the rights of corporations above the rights of living breathing human beings.