Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Short Explanation of UBUNTU & Contributionism by Michael Tellinger

A short and focused definition of UBUNTU and Contributionism by Michael Tellinger.

If you want to become a volunteer at the UBUNTU village and spend 1-2 months in helping us to lay the foundations for this great new global experiment, please read the information on the UBUNTU website here:

Right now we have a need for volunteers with the following special skills and knowledge:
Food growing;
Seedling cultivation;
Mushroom growing/farming;
Fish farming - telapia;
Sports coaches and coordinators - little league soccer and cricket;
General repairs and maintenance;

If you are confident you can help us, please contact Louise Clarke and send her a short outline of your knowledge and experience. She will get back to you as soon as she can.

All of this activity and administration takes time, people and money - as much as we are moving away from money we still have to pay our bills and those that we hire to perform services that we cannot do ourselves. Our administrative costs are on the increase with the growth of the UBUNTU movement worldwide. So please make a donation if you can or become a regular contributor to keep us going and growing. Please click here to make a donation:
We are looking forward to the time and moment that we will no longer require money and funding and start to experience the true benefits of Contributionism.

In unity - Michael Tellinger