Sunday, 21 December 2014

Seedlings Cricket Little League Soccer And Your Support Needed

The UBUNTU movement starts to fix and upgrade the cricket field to host many activities as part of the community projects. We realise that sport and recreation is critical to boost and lift the morale of the community. All our sports fields have been damaged and vandalised and have become unusable. The monthly budgets keep going into some local politicians pocket.

Sammy and Peet cleaning up the slab that will host the seedling nursery.
  BUT we have started to clean up the cricket field which will host activities for children every day. This includes an athletics track around the field to expand the sporting facilities. We have to fix and re-build the broken toilets and add some showers for obvious reasons. The cricket nets have to be replaced and the practice pitches resurfaced. We also need cut the lawn on the field that grows very quickly in summer - for which we need the right tools. Then we need to pick up thousands of glass pieces and broken beer bottles from party activities over  the past 8 years.

We are building 2 sets of little league soccer goal posts and putting down the lines for the fields. We expect between 20 and 200 children to be active on this field daily. 

The concrete slab that was once the change rooms, will be used as a temporary seedling nursery where children will come everyday and plant 10 seeds each, learning to grow food and develop a love for the soil and mother Earth.
Two of our volunteers from Finland start to clear the rubble from what was once the change rooms for the cricket field. The toilets that we will be fixing are in the background.

They will be guided by a coordinator, and on their way to the grounds they will collect plastic bottles that will be used as the trays for the seedlings. They will take care of the seedlings untill they sprout after which they will be transferred to a more permanent Community Nursery in the valley that was offered to us by one of the farmers.

After planting seeds, they will play soccer, cricket and athletics - after which they will each get a cup of soup, and eventually a plate of food, and if they want they can go watch an educational documentary in the fixed up town hall on the way home.
Sammy takes a break  - the cricket field in need of much TLC in the background. At the moment it is used by people to park and drink bear and to take driving lessons in their cars.

Once the plants and trees are big enough, they will be planted along the streets and parks by the children themselves and the children will become the custodians and protectors of their trees. This will become a valuable future asset of the community, providing food and abundance in years to come.

All of this take great effort, persistence, management, time and unfortunately money. I appeal to our many thousands of members and supporters around the world to help us with funding these projects. I simply do not have enough of my own funds to continue doing this and funding this on my own. I honour and thank those that make regular contributions to our efforts, BUT it is simply not enough to keep us going and implementing these projects.

Remember that we are laying the foundations for the first Contributionism community which is a really tough thing to do - convincing people to work for food and commit for long periods. And yet it is already working the way we envisioned.

Now we need to scale it up and we need more help from our global UBUNTU community. We can only make this work and continue driving all this with your continued support. So see yourself as a participating volunteer in the projects by making a small monthly monetary contribution instead of your labour.

Our aim is to have 1000 or more regular monthly contributors of $10 each - which will allow us to move mountains and drive these projects without the stress of personal survival on a monthly basis. So if you can afford it - pleas sign up for a monthly donation by clicking the link below and please tell other who resonate with our efforts and can afford it.

This is not an easy path to walk and there are many morning when I feel that I simply cannot continue - but here we are, still going at it and somehow surviving the hurdles. But with your support we can make it happen a lot quicker with a lot less pain.

Till next time - in love and unity
Michael Tellinger