Wednesday, 17 December 2014

First Cooked Meal At Community Kitchen

FIRST Cooked meal at the Community Kitchen in the fixed up Community Hall in Waterval Boven - while the work goes on installing more lights in the kitchen and outside the front entrance and preparing the hall for bigger events.
Several volunteers sample chef Benjamin's firs cooking session in the very humble kitchen.

First day cooking - chef in the middle

Chef Benjamin poses on his second day in the kitchen proudly wearing his white chef's jacket.
 Our new volunteer chef Benjamin, prepared a humble meal for us to sample, consisting of pap (maize meal) and cabbage that was sampled by the volunteers from the community and abroad - mainly the UK. It was truly delicious. 
I simply love African food - rich and hearty full of flavour - this is what our community workers can look forward to after working in one of the community projects - plus a glass of lemonade and a free movie or documentary or any other show that is on in the hall.
Now all we need are some tools and appliances to make the kitchen function effectively. We need a fridge and freezer - pots, pans, chip fryer, knives, wooden spoons, chopping boards, cutlery, crockery, proper tap for the kitchen sink and other general, tools. It all adds up to around R40,000 (US$4000) Please make a donation on the UBUNTU website if you are able to by clicking on this link here:

I will also launch a crowd-funding campaign to cover these costs. I have run out of money completely - every cent Louise and I have has been put into this project - so please do get involved and help us in this process. 

The excitement of unwrapping a set of 3 new pots - not the greatest quality but it is all we could find in our town.
In the meantime the hall is being prepared with the newly arrived PA system for small performances and also the screening of satellite sporting events which is a major bonus for the community. Such events will generate the funds to buy the food to feed the people that work in the projects. 

Michael Zwane is connecting the sound system for our events.
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Michael Tellinger