Sunday, 28 December 2014

Equipment Needed For Community Kitchen

Feeding the hungry - the orphans - and those who help the rest of the community.

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Those that have been following our progress will know that the UBUNTU movement has initiated a string of community projects in our town to get people to work together for the benefit of all in the community. At the end of every day those who participate in the community projects get a good meal, a glass of lemonade, watch a free documentary or movie and other small benefits.

The Community Kitchen is the heart of all these projects because this is where people receive their daily meals. But to feed all the people, we need some basic kitchen equipment which will allow the volunteer chefs and helpers to cook the food and serve the people. We need to raise $5000 to get the necessary equipment into the kitchen and ensure we can handle the capacity of up to 200 people in one sitting.
Volunteer chef Benjamin, cooks the first meal in the cleaned up kitchen on the only equipment we have - a 2-plate gas cooker

Michael Tellinger samples the first meal in the kitchen - it was truly delicious - real African food.

The hall and all the tables and seats are in place, but we have almost no equipment in the kitchen to provide this service. All the appliances were vandalised and taken apart and the once pristine kitchen was turned into a dump. We scrubbed it and cleaned it up - re-installed lights and electricity after much electrical investigation to locate the correct wires and re-fitted the kitchen sink and water taps that were ripped out. We now have a basic kitchen with 2 workable surfaces and running water BUT, all we have is a 2-plate gas cooker that I provided with some borrowed pots.

The two heavy pots have to go back to the Stone Circle Bistro but chef Benjamin proudly holds up two smaller pots that I provided, which will have to make do until we can provide something better.
Please help us get some basic appliances to be able to provide this critical service to the people of our small town. The Community Kitchen will not only provide a great relief to many in a toen of about 70% unemployment, but it will also reduce the crime rate with it. This kitchen is also where the 200+ orphans will get their daily meal after participating in the seedling growing project, learning to grow seeds and food, and recycling plastic bottles.
Some of our hungry volunteers await the first cooked meal at the Community Kitchen - until this point I had to provide the daily meals that were cooked at the Stone Circle Bistro kitchen - where the UBUNTU head office is located.

Spread this widely and become part of this historic transformation of oppressed communities of little means, to united communities of abundance and prosperity.

In love & unity  - Michael