Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Calling Representatives for UBUNTU Party UK - Elections 7 May 2015

This is an updated form from the previous one that was distributed.  Please fill it in again if you want to become active in the UBUNTU Party and UK elections.

Nationwide Representatives
We need representatives all over the UK to represent the UBUNTU Party UK in their area on 7 May 2015. So, if you are passionate about the UBUNTU message of unity and higher consciousness; and you think you can explain it to others with ease; and you think you can handle the slight pressure of becoming an UBUNTU representative in your area; please click on the link below and fill in the form.

You will be provided with all the necessary information material, brochures and manifestos, to spread the message in your community and you will be connected to other representatives near you and across the land. This will create a strong cohesive bond between the new representatives and allow you to share information, knowledge and build up the support for the elections..
We will respond directly to those who filled in the form with the way ahead.

We also need a to put together a dynamic group of Britons, to assist Paul Taussaint in the UK Elections on 7 May 2015, as the nucleus of the UK UBUNTU movement. You can tell us about your special expertise when you fill in the form above.

We will need the following:
·    PR specialists in the UK media;
·    Writers of press releases;
·    Communications experts;
·    Graphic designers;
·    Social media PR;
·    Video producers and audio engineers;
·    Live events coordinators;
·    IT and website support and management;
·    printing of material;
·    funding specialists - we will need to raise funds for this election, which is a critical area;
·    travel and transport;
·    and other.
Please do not tell us you can perform this function if you are not 100% sure. We cannot take chances in these critical elections. So if you have true experience and are sure about your abilities, tell us in the appropriate place on the form and let’s start spreading the good news to the people of the UK.

Michael Tellinger
On behalf of 
Paul Toussaint – UBUNTU Party UK Leader