Saturday, 15 November 2014

UBUNTU Secures A Saw Mill For The Community

It does seem like we are getting real traction with key community projects that will actually bring in revenue for project expansion, while serving the community with real benefits. Access to affordable building materials has become almost impossible in South Africa. This is why I am so excited about this specific community project. And it seems that once we get on a roll, we start to manifest what we need, if it is for the highest good of the whole community.
Within a period of about 2 weeks I managed to manifest a very expensive industrial wood saw, that can handle tree trunks of about 1,5 m wide and 6 m long. This was offered to us by my friend Dave, who has such a saw standing on his farm not doing any work, which made him feel a bit embarrassed.
Dave has graciously made the saw available to the UBUNTU Community Projects with immediate effect - which includes the services of Thomas, an expert operator of the complex saw.
It does not look like much to the untrained eye, but this is a R250,000 wood saw that can cut 6 m long tree trunks with ease - into any thickness or shape necessary to create building grade wood.

Some of the tree trunks made available for the UBUNTU Community Projects.

Thomas will be teaching me (Michael) and two other apprentices from our community how to use the saw properly and safely.

The saw comes with several dozen tree trunks that will be a good start for providing building wood for the community. We will keep the saw on the farm for now - until we find appropriate premises for it, but we will cut and deliver wood on a weekly basis to our storage space at the UBUNTU Village HQ in Waterval Boven. All I need to find now is a 4-metre trailer to deliver the wood from the farm. This is a R30,000 expense (US$ 3,000) - but we will put the trailer to good use in the future with deliveries to people in our community and those around us.
Thomas will teach me and two other community volunteers to operate the saw and once we are competent, we will move it to our premises for ease of continued operation. In the meantime we have been offered a continued supply of cheap wood from a farmer down the valley about to clear 20 hectares of blue gum forest.
And so it starts - step by step we create the abundance we have been visualising for our community and spread it to all those around us. This what Contributionism is all about.
Remember that you can make a small contribution towards all these projects and the cost of setting them up by a once-off donation OR by becoming a monthly donor of a small amount you can afford.
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In unity - Michael Tellinger