Tuesday, 18 November 2014

UBUNTU Party UK Will Be Participating In UK Elections July 2015

UBUNTU Party UK leads the way for other countries to follow.

Paul Toussaint has successfully registered the UBUNTU Party in the UK. Well done Paul, I am truly proud of you because I know how exhausting and frustrating this process can be. The UK is now the first country other than South Africa - the home of UBUNTU, to have an UBUNTU Party - ready to offer the people of the UK a real alternative and a true vision of abundance and prosperity for the future. Paul and I will start to put together the UBUNTU Party representatives over the next few weeks that will lead the Party in the UK.
The letter from the electoral office that confirms the UBUNTU Party registration.

I have created a special form for all our existing and future UBUNTU affiliates, coordinators and representatives to streamline our activity around the world. This has become necessary because of the many rogue individuals, websites and FB pages that claim to represent our movement but have begun to undermine our activity in various ways. This database is critical to our future stability and will also allow us to connect UBUNTU members to each other in their communities, states and countries and allow us to list all approved affiliates on our website - so that everyone can see separate the detractors from true affiliates very quickly. Please click on the link and fill in the form - whether you are already active in some way with UBUNTU or if you intend to become involved and more active in the future. Unless your name and online link appears on our website - you will not be recognized as an approved affiliate and you will not be allowed to use our name and logo in any way. So please act now.

For those that are still confused about why we entered the political arena? It is very simple - while UBUNTU Contributionism is a world-wide movement of higher consciousness, our philosophy is completely opposed to the current sociopolitical models that are offered to humanity.
The current models are enforced by the corrupt and unlawful legal systems imposed on us by corrupt governments, judges, courts and politicians, all of whom are controlled by the banking elite, who ultimately control every aspect of our lives with their privately controlled central banks and private money that enslaves all of us for life.
Most of the statements we make in the UBUNTU movement fly directly in the face of the current regimes and could be seen as treason by the current legal system. The political platform gives us protection because it allows us to present our philosophy as a promise to the people in a political campaign. These are our rights and we will use them as such. The political presence gives many ordinary people who may be ignorant of the facts, the reassurance that we are serious about our message. Our participation in the elections will also force the mainstream media to look at UBUNTU more seriously - often giving us exposure to millions of people, which we could not achieve without their involvement.
So let us start to mobilise the people of the UK for the next election and share the beautiful philosophy of Contributionism as widely as we can. We have some really exiting work to do.
I will be touring the UK in the weeks leading up to the 2015 election to inspire the people and grow the support as much as we can with Paul Toussaint and the UK representatives. The details of the tour will be posted on this website at a later stage.
In unity - Michael Tellinger