Thursday, 6 November 2014

UBUNTU Community Projects Turn to Growing Food

The next challenge for the UBUNTU Movement at its head office in Waterval Boven, South Africa, is to restore the neglected food growing gardens and state of the art hydroponic strawberry farm that was left to ruin and destroyed by fire because of the long grass. This kind of neglect by our leaders is a crime against the people. This farm brought thousands of people off the highway into the town to eat and buy strawberries. Someone did not like this success of the people.

But more and more people are waking up to this fact daily and joining the UBUNTU Community Projects. I am astounded at the level of support we are receiving from the community and the rate at which people are joining us. All this points to the local/regional elections in 2016 - if we continue at this pace, we should win this seat and start the domino effect across our country and across our borders.
Join UBUNTU today and support our activities with a small regular contribution - this is tough relentless and continuous work - but we are determined to set the example that I have been talking about for 10 years.

Once the Community Hall starts to operate in about 2 weeks, we will be setting in motion the true Contributionism philosophy for the very first time in our modern world. This is not a self sustained community as some believe - it is a community of abundance and prosperity on all levels.
In unity 

Michael Tellinger