Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Second UBUNTU Soccer Tournament And More Sports to Come

The second Soccer Tournament was held in Waterval Boven this past Sunday, where another 4 teams participated.
This is a great step towards normalising sporting and recreational activity in the evolving UBUNTU town. Winners FC won the event. We are now planing to have a play-off between the two winning teams of the past two weeks, in the near future, to determine a winner in the Waterval Boven Cup.
Captain of WINNERS FC receives his trophy and prize
Half-time pep-talk by coach Hendrik to his team who eventually won the day

One of the tense moments of the game, as it always is with corner kicks

Refreshments were provided not only for the players but for the children as well

This weekend we will be hosting the volleyball event to promote this sport among the people. Next week we will be moving on to basketball and netball - but first we have to do some serious repairs to the courts that are basically unusable.

The badly damaged and neglected basketball and netball courts above and below - we will need to raise a substantial amount of funds to repair these courts to acceptable standards. Please support us if you are a fan of these sports

Donation towards all the community projects can be made here:

In UNITY - Michael