Saturday, 22 November 2014

Chairs & Tables Needed For UBUNTU Community Kitchen

Michael Tellinger gives an update on the UBUNTU Community Hall restoration in Waterval Boven, the home of UBUNTU Contributionism. We urgently need 300 chairs and 15 metal folding tables to open the doors and start using the venue for the people. All the other basic necessities are in place for us to function simply but effectively.

The revamped community hall is set to become the heart of the community because this is where the community kitchen will be that will feed all those who participate in the projects on a daily basis - this will include the orphans, the aged, the homeless and all those who simply cannot afford to buy food. The NEW UBUNTU Community Hall will also be the venue for daily literacy classes, sewing, knotting, the new gym, concerts, theatre, talent shows, movies, documentaries and much more activity. So far, the funding for all the repairs and upgrades have come from Michael Tellinger, income received from the sales of the UBUNTU book, money raised by Michael from his presentations around the world, and a small number of donors who make regular contributions to UBUNTU - But the tables and chairs are just out of reach for us right now. So please make a donation on the UBUNTU website if you can - help us open this venue as soon as possible - click on this link: