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UBUNTU Community Projects - Letter To The Mayor - 2 October 2014

To the Honourable Mayor of Emakhazeni Local Municipality.

I am a scientist and researcher and the founder of the UBUNTU Planet NPC, that has initiated a number of UBUNTU Community Development Projects in Waterval Boven and other Emakhazeni towns.
Our projects are aimed at rapidly relieving the financial stress on our people, uniting our community, uplifting our towns and creating abundance and prosperity through these community participation projects. 
One of the critical areas is the introduction of an alternative source of Electricity to all four towns. Much cheaper and more reliable supply of electricity. I have immediate access to such technology through my international contacts and we are prepared to introduce it to our LM. This device will have profound impact on the development of our entire region. 
I hereby request an urgent meeting with the Mayor to have a serious discussion on the implementation of this project. Funding will not be an obstacle.
I attach a copy of our written proposal for discussion. A similar version of this was first submitted to your office in January 2014 with no response to date.
Please call me on my cell below or respond to this private email address.

love, light & unity
Michael Tellinger
Founder UBUNTU Planet (NPC)
UBUNTU Liberation Movement
UBUNTU Community Development Projects

Waterval Boven
UBUNTU Community Development Projects

Presented by: UBUNTU Planet (Non Profit Company) NPC
Date: 30 September 2014

Waterval Boven was once a thriving town that attracted thousands of tourists every week. This can be re-created very quickly by launching the community projects as outlined below. We, the people, need the full support and cooperation from our Mayor and the EMAKHAZENI Local Municipality.

Community Projects
By initiating a variety of community projects, we will stimulate the economy and create abundance on many levels for all our people in our town.
Our objectives are to utilise the existing infrastructure and municipal buildings that are abandoned or lying in ruin, and create a growing number of truly self-sustained projects that not only benefit the whole community, but also create abundance for the whole community on many levels like, food, water, healthcare, infrastructure, recreational, industrial and financial. These community projects will be highly integrated so that each one supports other projects and creates benefits on multiple levels – not just the obvious immediately visible outcomes. For example: The chicken farm feeds the fish farm; fish farm will water the vegetables; the vegetable left-overs feed the chickens – the arts support the tourism and tourism grows the arts … and so on.

Creating Abundance – Through Contributionism
Our philosophy is to create 3 times as much as we need in all areas of production. This will allow our community to export the extra two thirds, and create a good income for our community to continuously improve our town, our lives and introduce more and more community projects to benefit our people.
Most of us can hardly afford the electricity bills any more. This has a devastating impact on the lives and productivity of our people. The UBUNTU Planet (NPC) has access to new alternative and much more cost-effective electricity supply. Providing an alternative source of electricity that is much more affordable to the people, is a critical step to secure the future success of these projects and will be the foundation that will make all these projects a reality. Electricity will be used as a tool to unite the people and to create abundance. We would like to initiate the seeds of this future vision as soon as possible without unnecessary delays. The people need new solutions and true hope. I trust that you find our short introductory proposal inspiring and that we can unite the community and create prosperity in this way. We first proposed these initiatives to the EMAKHAZENI LM in January 2014 with no response since then, and we trust that this will change.

Each community project will be managed by a group of experts in that respective field
  1. Recycling of the rubbish dump – using the income for the community kitchen Community kitchen – to feed the orphans, the aged and the homeless
  2. Community food gardens and growing enough food for all our people all year round
  3. Re-activating the vandalised food growing garden and strawberry farm
  4. Mushroom cultivation – one of the big halls at the fish farm will be converted into growing mushrooms with relative ease – this will provide more mushrooms than our town can consume every day and we will generate great income for the community from the export of mushrooms
  5. Growing seedlings and nursery – with primary school children learning new skills – beautifying our town with these plants and trees – fruit trees and nut trees for growing food along the streets and in the parks
  6. Dairy – production of milk; cream; butter and cheese – get our cheese makers to help us export our cheese and butter
  7. Bakery – get a master chef to train our bakers to bake many kinds of breads for our people and distribute to Mpumalanga
  8. Learning Centre for adults and children – Providing alternative learning of skills for life including computer programming, welding, woodwork, sewing, etc
  9. Arts & Crafts Studio – pottery, weaving, fabrics, clothing, shoemaking and more 
  10. Music School – with a variety of instruments available for students
  11. Restoring the vandalised town hall for educational film screenings – Musical performances , talent contests, theatrical shows, literacy training and more
  12. Wood and timber factory – incorporating a training facility – creating building materials, furniture and more
  13. Metal factory - incorporating a training facility – creating building materials, furniture and more
  14. Manufacturing of various building materials including new alternative materials
  15. Community laboratory to create healthy cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste in which we use the knowledge of local traditional healers
  16. Upgrading of our hospital – inviting volunteer doctors and nurses from around the world to come help out and share their knowledge and skills with our own healers and medical people
  17. Manufacturing of Oxygenated Water – to provide the hospital and distribute around South Africa to heal our people – oxygenated water has shown to cure many diseases
  18. Creation of public parks and recreational areas along the river - including the upgrading and activation of the trout dams – stimulating tourism
  19. Tourism – Upgrade existing tourism attractions like the tunnel and introduce several new and exciting tourism attractions to benefit our people. Involve the community in this process 
  20. Upgrading and maintaining all the sporting facilities – including the swimming pool – and a community fitness centre/gym. Creating a healthy environment of sport and recreation with regular competition between teams for public participation and enjoyment
  21. A local Radio Station at the community hall to inform and entertain our people
  22. Fish Farm – we have a world class, state of the art fish farm that was bought by the municipality. At the moment it is vandalised and needs major fixing up – but it can be put to production very quickly if it is treated as a community project. This fish farm can produce more than a million fish per month, create many jobs and feed our entire town – and export the fish to Mpumalanga. It has come to our attention that the fish farm has been sold or given to the NOKA developers and that they want to demolish the fish farm to build a shopping centre. This would be a great pity since this fish farm should serve the community. A shopping centre can be built anywhere without the destruction of a valuable asset of the people. We strongly oppose the destruction of the fish farm at all cost – and propose the building of a shopping mall in some other open space.

Brief Background on UBUNTU Planet (Non Profit Company)
UBUNTU Planet was founded by Michael Tellinger, who is an author, scientist and world acclaimed researcher.  Michael has been a resident of Waterval Boven since 2008, and has been promoting the UBUNTU philosophy around the world in over 200 countries, since 2005. The UBUNTU movement has thousands of members in South Africa and in over 200 countries around the world. Michael’s new book – UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity has been released worldwide and translated into German, Croatian and French. More translations are due in Zulu, Afrikaans, Spanish, Russian, Bangladeshi, Hindi, Italian and Portuguese. This book is now serving as the founding document for communities around the world to save themselves from economic hardship and create abundance for their people.
Because of our work around the world since 2005, we have been able to connect with some of the world’s leading researchers and scientists in all fields of human activity. Many of these scientists are prepared to share their discoveries with us because of our years of commitment towards the UBUNTU philosophy. There are many people in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Scandinavia, Bosnia and other countries, watching us in Waterval Boven for inspiration to see what we do, and how we turn our town into a united community of abundance – thousands are waiting to take their lead from us.
We have done much research into the ancient African history of the area and published several books on the subject of vanished civilisations. We have created a small museum with ancient tools and artefacts that point to an advanced civilisation that once lived right here. This has attracted world-wide attention and since 2008 we have brought at least 8000 tourists to this area, from South Africa and the rest of the world.
We see the growth of tourism to our town as a major boost for our people. We also expect daily tour busses traveling between Gauteng and the Kruger Park to stop at the UBUNTU Village in Waterval Boven to witness the ruins, the museum, the arts and crafts centre and witness the community projects as they evolve.
Our UBUNTU philosophy has spread around the world to like-minded people which has resulted in hundreds of highly qualified and skilled volunteers applying to join us in our efforts to start launching a number of community projects. Since the 18th Jan 2014, we started accepting these highly skilled volunteers from all over the world, at the Stone Circle UBUNTU Village, which is the home base in Waterval Boven, and we have already started to initiate some of these community projects. We expect an on-going revolving group of around 12 volunteers at the UBUNTU Village. This will grow as the projects grow and the participation of the community increases.

The volunteers are experts in various fields, ranging from medical doctors; construction engineers; chemical engineers; computer programmers; food scientists; horticulturalists; hydroponics experts; alternative energy scientists and inventors; builders; carpenters; teachers; alternative building materials developers; town planners; architects; recycling of waste; film makers; cheese makers; music teachers; potters; weavers; artists and many more.
They will be actively involved in facilitating on-going skills transfer workshops to the people of Waterval Boven – all free of charge as part of our UBUNTU philosophy. These skills will then be applied in the various community projects. The projects we have identified are diverse, so that we can involve as many diversely skilled people from the community.

Presented by
UBUNTU Planet - Non Profit Company
Represented by Michael Tellinger, Michael Zwane and others.
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Michael Tellinger