Monday, 27 October 2014

UBUNTU Community Projects kick off with the first UBUNTU Soccer Tournament in Waterval Boven!

Vusi Masina Football Stadium in Emgwenya / Waterval Boven

We are so proud to announce that this weekend the UBUNTU COMMUNITY PROJECTS in Emgwenya Township and Waterval Boven kicked off with the first UBUNTU Soccer Tournament yesterday, 26th October 2014!

The Dream Team wins with 5 - 1 victory against Mzimba Winners FC

Bheki All Stars
Despite the cool and overcast weather, the tournament was very well attended by many supporters from the Stone Circle Ubuntu Village and Emgwenya Township alike, and a great time was had by all!

Michael Tellinger and the UBUNTU Liberation Movement sponsored 4 local teams  - the Dream Team, the Real Madrid FC, the Bheki All Stars and the Mzimba Winners FC in 3 fierce matches resulting in the Dream Team walking away with the much sought after local title and prize money sponsored by UBUNTU.

The Dream Team
Mzimba Winners FC

Real Madrid FC

Sport in Waterval Boven had previously been discontinued due to poor facilities and players not being able to afford transport, gear or prize money for tournaments.  We worked with Mr Hendrick Sebopela, one of the coaches and UBUNTU Project coordinator Mike Zwane to organise the event as an anchor of the first UBUNTU Community Project as well as an introduction to the local community into the various Community Development activities which will be rolled out during November and December this year.

Future Little League
Deep gratitude for the contributions from our members and supporters around the world! Funds went toward the marking of the pitch, the hire of a PA system and commentators, has purchased balls and kit for all players, banners for the sports events and has been assigned toward the upgrade of the Vusi Masina Football Stadium in Emgwenya Township which includes the maintenance of the locker rooms and ablution facilities.

In the Spirit of Contributionism, the football players have eagerly agreed to contributing their time toward the maintenance and upgrade of the various sporting facilities in the town which include 2 football pitches, a cricket pitch, the local swimming pool and netball, tennis, volley ball and tennis courts, and so, finally, the seeds of the UBUNTU philosophy have been planted in our community!

Prize Giving with Michael Tellinger

The success of this weekends activities has resulted in the launch of the Waterval Boven / Emgwenya Soccer League of 8 teams which will now participate in games every weekend.  We plan to duplicate this model of a local soccer league in the other 3 towns under the Emakhazeni Local Municipality, which include Belfast, Machadodorp and Dullstroom.  

UBUNTU will organise the necessary fund raising activities to ensure the continued growth and support of sport and culture in our community. 

Coach & Organiser Hendrick Sebopela and Michael Tellinger

Thank you to every ONE that made this event possible!

We ARE, because of you!