Thursday, 30 October 2014

UBUNTU Cleans Up The Vandalised Community Centre

The Contributionsm model was put into action this week when we started the final push to clean up the badly vandalised town hall and recreational centre to launch our first community event in the next 2 weeks.

Very first UBUNTU 'Contributors' setting the model in motion.

When I say "vandalised" I truly mean this. Everything has been broken, stolen or half removed so that it can no longer be used. This include the water pipes and electrical wiring. So one of the main challenges is to simply provide electricity to the stage, hall, kitchen and other parts of the entire complex, so that we can actually function. Doors and windows had to be replaced and security gates installed.

I was overwhelmed by the support from the youth in the township who came out in strong support to get the job done. Yesterday was a major step towards getting our hall ready for the people, when we cleaned out several truck loads of rubbish, dust and 50 years of abuse by two separate political regimes with no regard or respect for their people.

Sanding the rails before painting
Cleaning the space for the Soup Kitchen

This centre will act as the community kitchen to feed the orphans, the aged and homeless - and all others who simply cannot afford to buy food. Once they have done their duty in one of the community projects, they will get a ticket which will give them a plate of food and a movie in the hall. The community hall will be used for all kinds of community activities including literacy, music, theatre, movies, documentaries, arts and crafts and more. A community gym will allow people to stay fit. 

We are making progress with the wiring for light and making the kitchen functional with running water. Chairs and table will be a major challenge for both the hall and community food kitchen and we will have to reach out to our global supporters to make contributions where they can. We will also need a projector, a sound system, a screen, and other pieces to make this truly functioning community centre.

Sorting the damaged stage curtains to fix and re-use

Recovering the damaged chairs from the basement - we recovered 36 that are usable

Sorting out the junk on the stage

Cleaning the kitchen in anticipation of repair

Sorting out more bags of salvaged curtains - much of it can be fixed and used

Please spread this exciting news and help us with a small donation if you can. Remember that this is not a once-off event. Every project has it own set of costs to get off the ground until it becomes sustainable and starts to create abundance. So please become one of the regular contributors that allow us to make these things possible. Most of the funding has come from myself and the money we earn from the sales of the UBUNTU Contributionism book.

So go online and get a copy of the e-book, tell others to do the same and sign up for a small monthly donation to keep this moving ahead.You can do that here:
In love, light and unity - Michael Tellinger