Monday, 22 September 2014

UBUNTU Book in Croatian Language - UBUNTU Parties Around The World

I am pleased to announce that the UBUNTU Contributionism book is now Available in the Croatian Language. This was actually the first translation of the book and I thank Darko Imenjak from Teledisk Publishing for taking this on and completing it so quickly. 
This book is truly close to my heart as I have just completed a short tour of the Balkans, where I visited Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia in September 2014, doing presentations in Sarajevo and Ljubljana, to a packed auditorium of 600 people. This language will also apply to all Bosnians and the rest of the people of the old Yugoslavia. Please share this - read it - internalise it, and spread the word. There are dedicated groups in these three countries who are planing to register UBUNTU Parties to participate in future elections as we did here in South Africa. The UK is already in the party registration process. 

Click the link for the Croatian website -

UBUNTU Parties - Worldwide
I hereby call on all those UBUNTU members in all other countries who are prepared to take on this challenge, those that are prepared to register a party in your country, to please contact me urgently so that we can go through the finer details. This is not for the fainthearted - and I speak from experience in this regard because I have just done this in South Africa in the national elections on the 7th May 2014. 
BUT, it is absolutely critical that the global UBUNTU movement has a political front. Not because we are hell-bent on selling out and getting into politics, but rather as a form of legal protection for those in the UBUNTU movement. Because many of the statements we are making could be seen as so inflammatory and anti establishment, that they may be used against our UBUNTU members and could be seen as treason. But once you make these statement on a political platform it is your right, because it becomes the manifesto of the Party and the Party's promise to the people.
In this way we will inject a virus of consciousness right into the heart of the political beast as we did here in South Africa. So if you are ready to start the UBUNTU Party in your country, please email me at 
In love & unity - Michael.

To view the UBUNTU Contributionism presentation in Ljubljana, Croatia, CLICK the following link