Monday, 1 September 2014

Start An UBUNTU Group In Your Area

This is how everyone can get involved in UBUNTU wherever you may be. 

FIRST: Join us on the website here:

NEXT: Start an UBUNTU Face Book page in your town - like UBUNTU Dallas, etc. If there is already a FB page with that name - call by the name of your suburb ie: UBUNTU Beverly Hills. This will connect you to many other like-minded people in your area. Use the info from my book and the UBUNTU website to put up in bite size chunks for others to digest. 

Make Louise Clarke and Michael Tellinger administrators on your facebook page or website, so that we can also post info and updates from the UBUNTU Head office and share regular updates. In this way we can spread information to millions of people with the push of a button and keep uniting more people.

All affiliated FB pages and Website will be listed on the Official UBUNTU Website to prevent distractors and those trying to undermine our efforts from hijacking our efforts and spreading misinformation. Unfortunately, this has already started and several bogus sites are up claiming to be working with us. Please be careful - we are moving as fast as we can to create the list of approved affiliates. If you find any bogus websites or pages claiming to be representing UBUNTU philosophy, please let us know so that we can inform others and keep this as pure as we can. 
For now  - I am spreading the UBUNTU message in Bosnia and Slovenia. 

Love & light
in UNITY - Michael 

Sarajevo at sunset