Friday, 29 August 2014

URGENT Message to UBUNTU Members - from Michael Tellinger

This is an urgent message to all the UBUNTU members around the world and those who have been communicating with Sid Organe on various levels in the past. Sid Organe is no longer associated with the UBUNTU movement or the UBUNTU Party in any way, and does not speak on behalf of UBUNTU.

For all international members and participants in UBUNTU, please communicate with Louise Clarke or myself on any issues regarding the UBUNTU movement and representing UBUNTU in your country or city or province. Use the following email for this:

It has come to my attention however, that Sid is still communicating with some of our members as if he is part of UBUNTU and represents the UBUNTU movement, and quite possibly using the UBUNTU database without my knowledge. I feel that some of the activities of the past 2 months may surface at some stage and create confusion, so it is with a heavy heart that I write this to put to rest any future turbulence that may arise.

On the 16th July 2014, when Louise and I departed on an UBUNTU tour of Australia and USA, I left Sid in charge of certain sensitive and critical sectors of the UBUNTU head office. This included holding the fort, encouraging UBUNTU members around the world to start UBUNTU movements in their countries and communities; to coordinate those who want to start UBUNTU Parties, and those who simply want to start Face Book pages. His main task was to create the UBUNTU PLANET website/portal that will allow us to connect UBUNTU members with each other around the world.  

I gave Sid access to the UBUNTU database and entrusted him to communicate with the international UBUNTU members in this regard. This has not happened but instead a slow and steady plan was weaved to take over the UBUNTU movement and community projects – all because of money, the one thing that I have been so vocal against for so long.
Sid Organe completely abused his role within the movement and it is now clear that he and his new partners, who were all introduced to each other through me and the UBUNTU movement, were in effect attempting to hijack the UBUNTU movement in our absence. 

Before we left the UBUNTU Village, I showed Sid some of the community projects that I have been nurturing for the past 6 years. Those that have seen my presentations will understand how very sensitive each one of the projects is, and how they depend on each other to create the interwoven platform for a successful launch of the first Contributionist Community at the home of UBUNTU – in the town of Waterval Boven.

By this time, I had initiated several community projects which Sid was to monitor. I left him with my own bank card for his personal expenses and funding for some of the smaller projects. I also initiated the nominations of the people for the Council of Elders in Waterval Boven, so that this would be completed by the time I returned from the UBUNTU tour of Australia and USA. In essence, I gave Sid my complete trust, to grow the UBUNTU movement globally and on the local community level. 

Shortly after my departure Sid began asserting his authority with members of the community, as the UBUNTU representative, promising them all kinds of things, especially funding. Not only did he begin to divide the community, which goes completely against what UBUNTU and Contributionism stands for, but he risked the future success of the launch of the Contributionist model that I have been painstakingly working on for over a decade.
Shortly after we departed for Australia, Sid stopped communicating with Louise and I, and we became suspicious that something unsavoury was being hatched. During the first few days of August 2014, Louise and I found out by pure accident, that Sid Organe and Harriet Algra, who was one of the volunteers at the UBUNTU Village, created a bogus UBUNTU Planet International website, using the UBUNTU logo and material written by me, to raise money for projects unknown to us and not aligned with UBUNTU. 

This website excluded me and Louise as the founders and leaders of the UBUNTU movement completely, while listing a long list of names of people as directors of UBUNTU that I had no knowledge of. This website was linked to a PayPal account that belongs to Harriet Algra, raising funds for projects without my knowledge or permission to do so.
When we confronted them about this, they claimed that they were doing this for my own good, because some of the potential funders that they were lining up for my benefit, did not agree with my research into ancient civilisations and ET activity. They felt that by hiding me from the equation, they would be able to raise much more money for UBUNTU. Sid and Harriet seem to ignore that this is a complete misrepresentation of the UBUNTU philosophy and fraud on their behalf. I reserve my rights as to how I proceed in this regard.

Lying about who I am and what I stand for in order to raise money, goes against everything I stand for and the integrity upon which the UBUNTU Movement was built. Please note that I cannot and will not be associated with this kind of devious behaviour in any way. I started the UBUNTU movement in 2010, on the basis of absolute integrity, transparency and honour amongst all people. Their actions fly in the face of everything I stand for. 

Since leaving South Africa, on the 17th July, Sid has not had the decency to respond to many emails, phone calls and Skype messages sent to him by Louise and I, to explain his actions in detail – but instead he has now created a separate Ubuntu initiative – - using our slogan “If it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.” I am stunned and deeply saddened by all this devious activity – all because of money. 
I found out today that Sid is in New York, USA, this weekend to raise funds for UBUNTU projects that are not aligned with the UBUNTU movement, and to meet with UBUNTU representatives in the USA. Please note that none of these meetings have anything to do with the UBUNTU Liberation Movement or UBUNTU Party. 

Sid and his new partners, Harriet Algra, Robert Boerman, Eric Savoie and all others that can be viewed on their new website, are riding on the credibility of the original UBUNTU Movement/Party. This is not for the highest good of all, since due to their devious activity in the past weeks, we cannot be sure that the money raised by Sid and co, will reach any community projects at all.

My partner and co-founder of UBUNTU, Louise Clarke, is returning to South Africa 3 weeks early from the USA UBUNTU tour, to contain any damage caused by Sid Organe and his partners in our absence.

I know that all of this will blow over and that we will learn a great lesson from this. As we grow the global community, which now has members in over 215 countries, we will continue inspiring people everywhere with our message of the Blueprint For Human Prosperity and encourage everyone to join the UBUNTU movement online here: 
We will encourage the launching of UBUNTU Parties in many countries of the world, injecting a virus of consciousness into the political beast.

For all international members and participants in UBUNTU, please communicate with Louise Clarke or myself on any issues regarding the UBUNTU movement and representing UBUNTU in your country or city or province. Use the following email for this:

I will be finishing the USA UBUNTU Tour 2014, tonight in Yelm, WA, after which I will be sharing the message of UBUNTU for the first time in Bosnia and Slovenia.

On this extensive tour to Australia and the USA, I have gained new knowledge in the area of alternative energy devices that I will be introducing into the UBUNTU Village on my return and also several healing modalities that we will introduce to the Waterval Boven community through the hospital research project. My next posting will deal in greater detail with all the community projects we have already initiated and plan to activate on our return.

Love & Light
Michael of the family tellinger.