Sunday, 10 August 2014


I will be doing a short tour of the USA in 2014 – Short notice but hopefully highly impactful:
My 2014 USA tour started with 4 presentations at Contact In The Desert - Joshua Tree, CA. With sold out record attendances.

This is my 5th annual trip to the USA and I can hardly believe it. 2014 has been the most insanely busy year of my life, during which I presented the UBUNTU Contributionism philosophy in 10 countries and participated in the South African elections with the UBUNTU Party on the 7th May.
Louise and I are completely exhausted and I have personally been on the road since 17 Jan 2014 spreading the UBUNTU message. Therefore my tour of the USA is a very short and impromptu one but we look forward to connecting with many of our friends in the USA, mainly on the west coast.
While I still outline the discoveries and the science behind the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar, I will be sharing much more about the UBUNTU philosophy and what we have achieve so far with the global UBUNTU movement, which now has members in over 215 countries.
As I write this, there are UBUNTU political parties being planned and registered in over 8 countries, including Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and others. It is therefore not far-fetched to imagine an UBUNTU Party in several parliaments of the world within the next 4 years – injecting the spirit of consciousness into the political beast at the parliamentary level. Ten years ago, this would have sounded totally unimaginable and more like a romantic drama theme.
I hope to see you at one of these events. Please share this widely. More details and online bookings are on this website:
Love & light - Michael of the family Tellinger.