Monday, 5 May 2014

RESERVE BANK Crimes Exposed by the UBUNTU Party

Michael Tellinger from the UBUNTU Party exposes how the South African Reserve Bank commits crimes against our people, unlawfully closing their accounts and stealing their money. In this case the SARB took around R320 million rand from a network marketing team that was getting too big and too wealthy. SARB simply closed their account and kept their money falsely accusing them of all kinds of activities. This group consists of around 190,000 people, many of whom are now pledging their support for the UBUNTU Party to prevent this from happening in future. UBUNTU Party will replace the privately owned Reserve Bank, by a PEOPLE'S BANK that will create money for the people, by the people and supply money free of any tax, levies, interest or any other charges, for all activities in our communities - creating 100% employment and allowing all of us to live beautiful lives of abundance, free of all debt. The main function of a PEOPLE'S BANK is to provide the money that communities need in all areas of their activity. Home loans at 0% interest and no more repossessions.
VOTE UBUNTU Party - On the NATIONAL Ballot Paper for freedom from financial slavery.