Saturday, 3 May 2014

Message to the Youth of South Africa - UBUNTU Party

Your Country And Your Future Is Being Sold Piece By Piece.

It is critical for all the younger generation to realise one thing – your future has been stolen and sold by the current regime, to private multinational corporations, mainly controlled by the private banks that are stealing everything we have from right under our noses. Our roads, our coastlines, minerals, land, our water, our airwaves, our wild-life, our farms, our food production, traditional herbs & medicine, and everything they can lay their hands on.
We have an opportunity to stop this on 7 May – but if we do not, the next five years will result in a complete corporate takeover of all our assets and our entire country with tragic results.
When I was at WITS in the late 70’s, students were beaten, tear-gassed, arrested, detained and even shot at, for protesting against the apartheid regime. The students were the leading activists against an oppressive regime that destroyed millions of people’s lives. 

Today, our students seem to be oblivious to the facts that the oppression and enslavement has not stopped, it has simply changed its colours and its name. It is the complete and total takeover by the financial and banking corporations that control our government and dictate our financial policy – that have turned us all into their DEBT SLAVES for life.
Very few of us if any, will ever get out of this debt in our lives. It seems to me that our students and youth have no idea that these banker slave-masters are far more malicious and cunning than any other kind of oppressor – because financial enslavement does not discriminate based on the colour of our skin. It enslaves all of us equally – and it does it silently and continuously, without most of us even being aware of it.
So please inform yourselves about how the banking corporations under the protection of our RESERVE BANK have completely taken over our country and enslaved every one of us in ways that we do not even realise. All of this is masterfully controlled by our central bank, the Reserve Bank, which is a private company controlled from Basel, Switzerland by the BIS - Bank For International Settlements.

This private corporation has been allowed to dictate our economic policy and allows all the banks to create money out of thin air. This private money is then forced upon us at insane compounded interest rates, turning all of us into their DEBT SLAVES.
If you, the youth, do not intervene and vote for drastic change on the 7th of May, you will have nothing left in five years. I urge you to read our manifesto, watch some of our videos, and inform yourself about the massive banking fraud, so that you can vote having the ability to make sober decisions based on solid information that has been withheld by our government and all other parties from the mainstream media.
Only a People's Bank that issues money for the people, by the people can rescue the situation with immediate effect. This has been done with great success several times in history, but each time it was rapidly overturned by the immense influence of the global banking cartels that operate deep within our government structures. Please see our website and read the documents, view the videos and get informed. What you do with this information will determine whether you will liberate yourselves, or go deeper down the rabbit hole. The UBUNTU Party is the only party sharing this truth with our people and we have a simple solution to rescue our country. If you love South Africa – tell everyone and make this go viral. 

In Pure Truth – Michael Tellinger – UBUNTU Party founder.