Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Even if you did not register for voting this past year, as long as you voted in the past 3 elections you will be able to vote. You should still be registered. Find out if you are registered and where you are registered by clicking on this link.

Even if you are NOT in the province where you are registered - you can still vote for the NATIONAL Assembly - no matter where you will be. Just go to the SECTION 24 DESK or Presiding IEC Official and tell them you want to vote for the national assembly only. This will only apply if you are outside of your registered voting area.

UBUNTU Party will be on the National Ballot Paper only - 4th from the bottom. We are not contesting any of the provinces. You can vote for any other party on the provincial ballot BUT...
VOTE UBUNTU Party on the National Ballot. 

The country belongs to its people.