Saturday, 10 May 2014

After Elections Message

And so, the South African elections 2014 are over and I need to thank so many people in South Africa and around the world. I feel deeply honoured and humbled by the number of people that have written to us urging us on, and for the words of encouragement, and the moral, physical, financial and spiritual support that you gave the UBUNTU team during this strange time.
We now know that we are a part of a rapidly growing family of united and conscious beings on a path to true freedom for all of humanity and I see this event as the trigger for other UBUNTU movements in all countries of the world.

 My special thanks and gratitude goes to more than 1,500 volunteers and people that offered us their help physically on the ground in the last 2 weeks before the elections. For distributing pamphlets, putting up posters, doing house calls, radio interviews and addressing people in small gatherings around South Africa. The seeds you planted will grow and your efforts will be rewarded in the months to come as we begin a more visible effort to spread the UBUNTU Contributionism philosophy and start implementing many community projects.
Unfortunately, the results were a far cry from what we truly envisioned. UBUNTU received 8234 votes, where we needed about 45,000 for one seat in parliament. We were hoping for at least 50,000 votes from a support base of around 200,000 NewEra and UBUNTU subscribers and a further 800,000 sms supporters. So I would be lying if I said that I was not disappointed.
Not because UBUNTU did not get a seat - but because of the realisation that humanity is so mentally enslaved, so traumatized and so battered by the slave masters, that we keep giving them back the whip to be beaten some more. The fear factor in humanity seems to be much stronger than I imagined. Instead of voting for saving ourselves and for true change in our lives, we vote for safety in numbers where we believe the others will vote.
As I write this, I feel completely drained and exhausted from the events of the past three weeks and I will need to take some time to recharge. BUT - this will last for a day or two, and our journey will continue. We have much work to do to inform and enlighten and allow those that are still sleeping to wake up and join us on this path to true freedom and enlightenment.
We will form new partnerships and alliances with some of the other smaller political parties that we met at the elections who resonate with our message and with this new united front, and stronger in numbers, we will begin initiating the many community projects at the UBUNTU Village in Waterval Boven and other towns as soon as we can.
A special word of thanks, honour and gratitude to my beloved Louise Clarke, Sid Organe, Stephen Goodson, Scott Cundill, Shirree Leone, and the three volunteers Mkhanyeli Khumalo, Tshepo Mosielele, and Candice Murray who were with us side by side at the IEC election centre.
Our journey has just begun – let us keep our eyes and intention on the road and the goal of UBUNTU for all.
In love & light - Michael of the family Tellinger.

PS: Please get a copy of the UBUNTU Contributionism book and share it with those that need guidance. I will be on tour of Canada from 24 May - please see my website for details.