Saturday, 26 April 2014

UBUNTU Support in SA Grows to over 600,000 people in 6 weeks

UBUNTU Party - small but strong and heading for Parliament.

THIS IS NOW A STRONG PROBABILITY - We only need 45,000 votes for one seat in parliament and we can initiate real change for the people of South Africa. There are 14,000 voting stations - this means that we need only 3 votes per voting station and we will be in to represent the people. If we get 10 votes per station - we will have 3 seats in parliament and can really make a noise.
For those that think small parties are ineffective and cannot make a difference - you are very wrong. UBUNTU will lobby and raise all the critical issues on our manifesto on a daily basis until something is done about it.
We want our roads back - we want our fishing rights back for the fishermen - we want our mineral rights back - AND we want the right to print money for the people by the people in a PEOPLE'S BANK, tax-free and interest-free, that can provide all the money we need for every area of our human endeavour - and stop the private banks from creating money out of thin air.
By the 24th April we have grown our South African support base to over 600,000 people from memberships and others marketing activity. In the past 2 days we had over 1,200 South Africans who emailed us offering help in distributing posters, pamphlets and setting up UBUNTU displays at the voting stations.
This is very encouraging and we need to continue growing this support base until the election - we may just surprise all those who still think that being new and small is a disadvantage. UBUNTU sees itself as the only true party of the people - for the people - by the people.
UBUNTU does not seek to govern the people but rather to empower the people to govern themselves in united and self sustained communities. No one homeless – no one hungry; everyone contributing their “labour of love” for the greater benefit of all in their community.
In unity and love for all of humanity - Michael Tellinger