Wednesday, 23 April 2014

UBUNTU - Setting Ourselves Free - 7 May 2014

Do not fool yourself... your bank is not your friend. They will take everything from you, as they have done to billions of hardworking, honest but ignorant people. Banks make money out of THIN air and "loan" it to us at inhumane rates. All supported by our central bank the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK - which is a private company controlled from Basel, Switzerland. This PRIVATE money has been knowingly forced upon us by our government - most people are not aware of this. The only tool of defense that we the people have, is to stop using their private money and to create our own PEOPLE'S BANK that issues money for the people by the people - tax-free and interest-free, for everything the people need to do in our communities - creating prosperity for all, beyond our wildest imagination. The UBUNTU Party is the first movement of consciousness that has proposed such a radical move. The rest is up to the people to realise that these South African elections can either bring relief to us all OR it will simply allow the banksters to completely ruin us all and steal our country, our roads, our minerals and even our water from us, over the next five years. DO the right thing - VOTE UBUNTU Party - for PEOPLE'S BANK - Money for the people, by the people. Everything else will follow from there - easily and naturally, as it is supposed to do.
In love and light - Michael Tellinger