Thursday, 10 April 2014

UBUNTU in Support of NewERA

Scott Cundill from New ERA (New Economic Rights Alliance) and UBUNTU have been side by side in our three and a half year expose of the criminal activity of the banksters in South Africa. Our journey has taken us ito the Supreme Court of Johannesburg and even to the Constitutional Court.

We learnt a great deal during this time while defending ourselves and each other against the unlawful actions of the banks that destroy all our lives, and our experiences helped many people to learn from the knowledge we gained. But now NewERA needs our help and your help - so that they can continue providing support and information to over 160,000 people in South Africa, regarding financial and banking issues. See the message from NewERA below.

NewERA is one of the largest watchdog organisations in the country. We expose corrupt bankers, lawyers, politicians and corporate systems who are milking this country for their own greed.

With 160,000 active subscribers, we are a force to be reckoned with.

NewERA is 60% volunteer driven. We only need an income of R12,000 per month to sustain and grow. Right now we have dropped to just one third of this amount.

Please make a donation of R50, or become a NewERA Member. With your help, we can keep the dark forces of corruption at bay.

  1. To make a donation, please click here or deposit into our bank account below.
  2. To become a paying Member, please click here.
Name of account: NEW ERA
Bank: Standard Bank
Type of Account: Business Cheque
Branch number (Rivonia): 001255
Account number: 420011544
Reference: Your first name and surname

Anything you can give us will greatly assist.

Kind regards,