Thursday, 17 April 2014

SA Banks Are Being Sued - Again

Scott Cundill reports that NewERA’s Advocate Douglas Shaw is suing the South African banks again. Scott writes:

We interviewed Advocate Shaw late last year about a lawsuit he was preparing to file. We interviewed him again last week. He and his legal team have filed seven lawsuits on behalf of people who have lost their cars and houses to banks. Dozens more are following.
It is an absolute fact that when a bank grants a loan it fabricates every cent of that money. In other words, money appears in your bank account so you think your bank gave you a loan, but actually the money was created out of nothing. Proof of this fact, as admitted by the Bank of England (and numerous other sources) can be found here.
Now, if a bank sells an asset (such as a home or a car) for a fraction of its value, this is downright disgusting, right? And what if there is a short-fall and they come after you for the balance? Even worse! Now you realise just how dark this banking beast really is – forcing people into debt slavery for money that the bank did not even possess.
Advocate Shaw does not believe this is right, so he and his legal team are suing the banks for the shortfall on the difference between what the bank sold a property for and its market value. He is calling on anyone who has lost a property (car or house) to sue. You can contact them via
Please send this to anyone you know who has lost a home or a car.
Listen to the interview with Douglas Shaw here.