Monday, 14 April 2014

Message of UBUNTU - On Video

The message of UBUNTU - the way ahead for ALL of humanity.
Share this with EVERYONE. Because if it's not good for everyone - it's no good at all.

The UBUNTU Message to The World.
I trust that our actions in South Africa will inspire people in every other country to start an UBUNTU Party on their land too. Thousand that will become millions - that soon will become the norm - and a wave of higher consciousness in every society. The foundation has been laid. This is the age of enlightenment and our time to shine a light of true hope - into the darkness of human misery that has been thrust upon the unsuspecting people of the world by the financial institutions and a small group of banksters that have taken our planet hostage. No more will we remain silent and oppressed through our ignorance. For we have ears to hear the lies; eyes to see the injustice; and mouths to speak our truth to the whole world. And our lips now speak of a new way ahead for all of humanity - a way of unity instead of division; abundance instead of poverty; and a planet filled with people in harmony with all of creation. So be it.
Michael of the family tellinger.
Born Free - as a living, breathing human being, of flesh and blood and infinite soul.