Sunday, 27 April 2014


The UBUNTU Party’s promise to the people
Most people have no idea what money is… where it comes from… how it comes into existence and who is actually responsible for the control and the creation of money. And yet, we all use it every day of our lives, obediently and without question. Money has infiltrated every crack and crevice of our society, our planet and our humanity.
People will argue the merits of sports teams, cars, food, art, clothing, politics, sex, and even religion – but very few will ever dare to question the merits of money. Because we have all been led to believe that money is absolutely necessary for our survival and that money makes the world go around, and that without money humanity would go back to the dark ages.
Well, nothing can be further from the truth – because money does nothing… people do everything. People plant the seeds, grow the food, build the bridges, develop the technology, find cures for diseases, build the rockets, create breath-taking works of art and play music that reduces us to tears. Only people have the capacity for compassion and infinite love for each other. Money cannot do this.
In fact, it is money that stands between people achieving their dreams – it is money that constantly prevents people from doing all of these things that they so eagerly want to do. Money is the hurdle to all human progress, because there never seems to be enough of it.
WHY? Because the supply of money is not in the hands of the people or the government of the people – it is in the hands of private, multinational corporations, called banks.
Today all our banks are companies with one primary objective – maximum profit for the owners and shareholders. The objectives of banks have nothing to do with human prosperity, but rather the control of the people, their assets, and eventually their country.
All our banks are controlled by our central bank, the SOUTH AFRICA RESERVE BANK, which is also a private corporation with very secretive owners who control it from Basel, Switzerland and issue very strict directives to it. This private company then creates the financial and economic policies for our country, and imposes it on our government, which in turn imposes these policies on us, the people.
This is why banks can charge such high interest rates and why we pay tax to the government – so that our government can pay back the interest charged by these private banks on the loans of money to our government and its people.
The biggest shock comes when we realise that these banks are just companies – empty shells – they don’t actually have any money to lend to our government and our people in the first place. So where do the banks get all the money they fraudulently lend to all of us? They create it out of THIN AIR. That is right… banks create money out of thin air.
Does this seem fair and just to you? Would you choose to do things this way if you were in charge of our country? Nobody would do it this way – it is pure insanity and it shows very clearly that there is a scam going on against all of us – and we have simply been ignorant, naive and too blind to see it. Because most people are so trusting, gullible, good natured, kind and loving that they could not imagine a fraud of such magnitude being perpetrated against the people.
This is why the UBUNTU Party is so determined to stop this enslavement of our people. No more private banks that create money out of thin air at exorbitant interest rates to enslave us all in debt for life and take all our assets away when we cannot pay back their imaginary money.  We have to take back the right to create money for the people, by the government of the people that actually behaves as the servant of the people.
This is exactly what a PEOPLE’S BANK will do. Create money for the people by the people, tax-free and interest free – because we will not have to pay any interest back to any private company that forced it upon us. The moment we do this for ourselves, we will free ourselves from this economic hardship and financial enslavement that has been imposed on us by private companies called banks.
We will not have to pay any taxes, levies or fees to our government, because it is no longer borrowing money from a private bank, that charges interest. Everything will become possible for all our dreams and all of our human endeavours. Every sector of our lives will be stimulated. Agriculture, arts, sciences, healthcare, housing, education, and any other sector we choose to create for the benefit of the people.
We can embark on a massive public works programme not only to fix, but dramatically improve our roads, railways, airports, harbours, research facilities, telecommunication, electricity supply, and more. This will create employment for everyone – no one will be without something to do.
New communities will spring up everywhere because money will be available from the PEOPLE’S BANK for whatever people need to achieve in these new communities. People will be able to move away from the overpopulated urban areas into the country where many desire to live, but cannot do so today because of financial restraints and no job availability.
We will be creating our own paradise – all we have to do is take back the right to print our money – for the people, by the people. And finally – what is the one most obvious and immediate side-effect of a society where people are happy and they have everything they need? Crime is virtually non-existent.
This is the world I would like to live in – would you? Welcome to the world or UBUNTU. Let us move from a society divided by money and greed where people live in fear of each other – to united communities driven by people and their passion for life, in support of each other.
Michael Tellinger – Founder UBUNTU Liberation Movement and UBUNTU Party.
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