Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Download the UBUNTU Election Posters - And distribute them

We urge all our supporters in South Africa to help us create as much awareness as possible by downloading the Jpeg files of our election posters - print out what you can afford and distribute them as widely as possible. We have to let the people realise that there is a way out of our financial misery and enslavement. Step by step we will take back our country that was stolen by our devious government, the banksters and the multinational corporations. Please do not put the posters up where they will deface private property or obstruct traffic visibility - be sensible and responsible on our behalf.

Download links for the posters are below: 

UBUNTU Election Poster 1 – Download link

UBUNTU Election Poster 2 -Download link

UBUNTU Election Poster 3 - Download link

The NEW Freedom Charter – Download link