Friday, 14 March 2014

UBUNTU Party will be in the South African elections on 7 May 2014.

Thanks to our crowd funding campaign for the UBUNTU Party, we have managed to raise the necessary deposit of $20,000 / R200,000 to participate in the South African Elections on 7 May 2014. We borrowed this money against the funds raised, and the cheque was delivered on the 12th March to the IEC. This will secure the UBUNTU Party place on the Ballot for the National Assembly. 

The South African Elections take place every 5 years - we have to use this opportunity to represent the conscious people of our country. I believe that this will provide the necessary inspiration for other countries to follow, resulting in a global movement of consciousness that crosses all borders and unites people with a common vision and purpose. We have reduced the required funding to succeed in our mission to $40,000 or R400,000 because we will only contest the national ballot - NOT the 9 different provinces. 

We are aiming for 4 seats in Parliament and with your help this is very achievable. But we will need continued support to pay for the media and advertising campaign that will inform the people of our presence. So at this stage we need to raise another $13,000 to reach out total of $40,000 by the 24th March 2014. We are almost there - please continue to support this critical funding initiative for the people of South Africa. 

Please share this initiative with everyone who is passionate about human rights and human sovereignty. The UBUNTU Party represents these rights and so much more for the people who believe that we are evolving towards higher consciousness as a species.

Click HERE to make a donation on our crowd funding website. Every little bit helps us tremendously.

My awareness and fundraising tour of Europe continues in Holland, Germany Austria and Switzerland. Please see the dates and venues of my presentations on my website.