Thursday, 13 March 2014

UBUNTU Party Delivers The Deposit - Needs Continued Support

Here is the proof of delivery of the bank guaranteed cheque to the IEC offices on the 12th March 2014. Our journey has now truly begun and we will need even more continued support. Please spread this message as widely as you can. We need 200,000 votes to get our expected 4 seats in parliament.

It is truly astounding that we were able to raise the necessary funds in a Crowd-Funding campaign from our supporter world-wide. It truly shows the global hunger for real transformation everywhere and the rapid rise in consciousness.

BUT - we now need to raise a total of around $40,000 (R400,000 to pay back the bridging funds and to pay for the media campaign which includes, sms, radio and street posters. Please spread our fundraising campaign as widely as you can - we only have 12 days left as from today.

To see the proof of delivery click on the link below and see the latest post on the crowd funding page. The PDF image is posted there.Please make a contribution if you can to get us to the $40,000 mark and release the pressure to which we are committed to make all this possible.

Love & Light  - Michael.