Thursday, 27 March 2014

Stone Circle Ubuntu Village - Update

Volunteers began arriving on the 20th January, and since then our expansion on every conceivable level has been a wonder to comprehend!  

The first phase of the project is complete.  We have set up a space where we are able to accommodate around 20 people, 12 volunteers and 8 visitors.  We have discovered that so many people want to come and experience a night or two at the village, so we have created a space for them as well.

The contributions of our special volunteers as well as extended community and supporters have given us the wood to build our beds and cupboards, glass for our greenhouse and helped us to purchase all the very necessary things in order for us to set up the village so that we may be able to coordinate our community projects, welcome guests and community alike, and grow the vision together.

We began digging a well, creating gardens, got the restaurant and bar (now a lounge for conscious connection) ready for opening, and continue growing, beautifying and clearing space.  We have been granted a large community garden by the local municipality to begin a large-scale organic permaculture project.  We have applied for the approval to reopen the fish farm and the local bakery.  Together we are envisioning a new way of living together, we are steadily moving toward a core of integrity, are busy drafting and refining phase two and are now almost ready to begin implementing our philosophy.

In beginning this project we have discovered the gift in connecting with people of like mind in order to dream a new world into reality.  One thing is clear.  Ubuntu needs people.  To hold the hope and to be responsible in being a part of the Change.  To use the analogy of the great web of life, so Ubuntu needs every person or 'strand' to recognise their inherent and vital part of the whole, for without such unity the web will collapse.

Literally hundreds of people applied for volunteer positions here at the Stone Circle Ubuntu Village in overwhelming support of this project.  Unfortunately I experienced problems and an eventual crash on my computer and have lost all volunteer contacts and correspondence, so please, forgive me for not responding and if you are still interested in joining us here resend your applications to me -

The positions we are looking to fill for the second phase of this project are:

Natural building specialists x 2
Permaculture specialists x 2
Host / Manager of the bar / lounge x 1
Tourism coordinator / Museum curator x 1
IT / Graphic designer x 1
Teacher x 1
Artists / Crafters x 2
Restaurateurs x 2

The second phase of the project will involve the implementation of the community permaculture project, the building of the craft workshop and healing centre, the creation of our learning centre for children, training and skills development into a range of life skills for the greater community, opening the restaurant, lounge, local bakery and internet cafe', and continuing with the nursery, farm stall and tours.

During this phase we hope to begin activating the spirit of Ubuntu among the local community, so that we may all begin contributing toward the betterment of the entire town for the benefit of all who live here. 

Thank you for your continued support, emails and letters, for your gifts and contributions.  As we head toward the national elections on the 7th May we feel fortified by the connection that we share in heart and mind.  Thank you.

Here is a little documentary created by our volunteers about the philosophy of Ubuntu specific to the Stone Circle Ubuntu Village project.  Our deep gratitude to you all for helping us lay the foundations of Ubuntu here in SA.

We are, because of you.

Peace and Unity.