Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spreading Consciousness With a Rap Beat

In the 1960s the music industry became the nemesis of draconian regimes and governments. This is why the global flower-power musical explosion of consciousness was quickly crushed, the consciousness enhncing substances were banned, and the music industry was infiltrated by invisible forces.

Over a period of four decades, the music industry has become completely manipulated and controlled by the same forces that control all aspects of global affairs. Ignorant and starry-eyed musicians are inducted into secret societies, often without their knowledge and converted it into puppets and in many cases the unwitting mouthpieces of ongoing propaganda, brainwashing and even mind control, through the frequencies encoded into the recorded productions.

The elite have hijacked our youth through the absolute control of the mainstream music industry and they use naive and egotistic musicians to promote a variety of hidden government agendas - while basking in the limelight.

BUT - the music industry is much larger than most of us realise and millions of musicians make a living by performing relentlessly. These musicians are on the fringe and are responsible for much of the great music that keeps the resonance and spirit of humanity alive and connected to the great creation. It is in these venues, chat-rooms and cyberspace that we find new music, with new twists and new messages that not only entertain us, but also inform us of what is truly going on in the world.

I trust that the youth of the world will not all fall for the trickery, lures, lies and deceptions of the music industry manipulators, and that they will find sanity and relief in the brilliance of our new conscious musical performers.

Juice Rap News is one such brilliant musical outfit that entertain and inform and bring enlightenment in these critical times where dogma has consumed so many of us. Enjoy this musical expose of the ENERGY crisis and control. I love these guys.
Love & Light - Michael of the family tellinger